Monday, March 22, 2010

As Far As The Eye Can See

Welcome to Letters To A Young Sista, and this is my first post here. Previous articles prior to today are full or partial reprints from my earlier writings, which fit the spirit of this blog. Enjoy.


The metaphorical beach extends for many miles in both directions, as far as the eye can see. The landscape is lush, like a tropical paradise that brings delight as well as danger. You have come far, but still have a ways to go around this island of life.

A reasonable estimation of my distance is that I have traveled not quite two-thirds the way, but then again, I could be only about one-half or as much as nine-tenths around. You are younger than I, and if in good health, it's reasonable to assume that your journey is newer.

When I look back, I see my footprints in the sand. Occasionally I see only those of God's favorite son, and I remember well the storms He carried me through.

If you haven't hit that part of your journey, trust that He will be there for you too. However - remember that saying, man proposes, God disposes?

Yeah. In other words, God has a plan bigger than you. He may or may not save your situation, or the people or things you cherish most. If he doesn't save your physical life, you'll know your journey here on Earth has ended, and that there's a new one ahead.

Our ancestors could tell us a lot about this. On your metaphorical beach are their footprints, further than the eye can see into the past.

If you are an African American sista, chances are that they came from many parts of the world. While the footprints look similar, when you visualize the owners of them, the variety of the women who have gone before you is astounding.

These women may not have looked a thing like you, nor be related by culture, language, or blood, but their choices, lack of choices, the men they had children with or raised, combined with written and unwritten history, all resulted in you, and where you are now.

Some of those women lived lives of terrible suffering, while others had it relatively good by the standards of their time and place.

We never knew them, but we are interconnected. Their joys and pains resulted in you, just as what you go through will be connected to those who leave footprints on the beach in the future.

If you believe God has a plan as opposed to everything simply happening at random, then in your darkest moments, you can find comfort in knowing that your problems and pain aren't for nothing.

Not all who read this will believe what I do or agree, and that's fine, for we are in different stages and pages of our spiritual path. My temples are now sprinkled with beautiful silver hair. I didn't realize these things when it was jet black and I was a young sista.

Thus, this is my first message to you in my first post here: Nurture something positive that is in tune with your spirituality.

Take time to develop it while you a pursue higher education, money, material possessions, love, passion, friends, family, and career, because at some point in your life, many or all of these people and things may disappoint or disappear.

At some point you will too. An unwavering faith could mean the difference between hanging onto your equilibrium and sanity when everything else fails in your life, or going nuts and giving up.

Let your inner eye look not only where you are, but as far as the eye can see.

~ Kit


  1. I like this, will def be checking it out in the regular. ;-)

  2. Impressive and inspiring! I look forward to future posts.

  3. BGIM & Penny Wize, Thank you two for stopping by, checking this out and leaving a comment, and I'm glad you liked it.

  4. You're really very sweet!

    menelik charles
    london england

  5. Very thoughtful, great first entry,and the art is wonderful also!

  6. Cactus Rose, About this first entry... I couldn't think of anything more important in beginning this blog than a commentary of developing or nurturing a relationship with the Creator, regardless of religious background.

    Thanks too for feedback on the layout. Although my primary blog is intentionally minimalist in style, I enjoyed making this one pretty.

    Menelik, Now there's a word usually reserved for the young in my culture. I haven't been called sweet since before my manchild and teen daughter were little people, but I'll take it in the spirit of good will and say thank you.

  7. I enjoyed this very much! Blessings and keep up the good work.
    Can't bookmark this site fast enough.


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