Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snow As A Metaphor
For Troubled Relationships

Have you ever been right, and everyone knew you were right, but still, something wasn't quite right?

Still, you're stuck in the snow, and you spin your wheels, this doesn't do a thing to free you, so you roll up your sleeves, get out the shovel and sand, and finally, movement.

What about the snow's perspective?

"Hey, I don't really want to be stuck to you. It just happened, and I'm just being me," Snow says. "So ain't I right, too?"

"But I'm entrapped," I say. "And you're so cold and overwhelming in a blizzard that it endangers my survival."

"Yeah," he agrees, "but I'm also fun and playful and make you laugh. You know this, and you also know I get too deep and cold sometimes, which makes me unbearable to you. This is how God made me and you know that too. Because of this, you ain't one hundred percent right."

I hold my head down in shame; what Snow says is true. We have a love-hate relationship.

I say, "I have to move on, Snow. I'm sorry. If I stay, I will freeze to death. Where I'm going, it's warm, and if you follow me, you will melt."

"You want me to die? I'll die if you want me to, you know I will. A piece of me dies every time you misunderstand my nature and reject me, and you turn up the heat with your anger."

"I know," I say sadly. "But no, I don't want you to die. I love you."

"I love you too."

Moral of the story:
This is one reason why conflict exists in many relationships.


Note: I wrote this metaphor in part of post on my other blog, 2-07-2010.

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